November 2016 Travelogue: Take Heart 💔

DON’T GIVE UP; Crossroads Benefit, Dec 17th, Standing O Project

Hi Everyone, I hope you are doing okay today. 
Here’s the email I got from my dad on Tuesday, November 8th at about 11pm. The subject line read “Take Heart” and the body of the email read: “We all have power as individuals! Keep on expressing that power and resilience into the future. Love you Mind. Love from Dad. 😘”
Thank you Dad! I love you too. I’m so glad you are my Dad.

As we all move forward into the holiday season, I hope we can find our own power and resilience. I hope we can all focus on making the world a little bit better for someone else during the next few months. I hope we can concentrate on listening to someone who we wouldn’t have before with a more open mind. I still believe in community, beauty and love. I still believe that we can transform difficult circumstances into wisdom. We can transform poison into medicine. Let’s do it. How are you finding hope and transformation in your life currently?

I’m looking forward to a big show next month with Otter Creek Duo and The Three Muses. This show is a benefit for Crossroads Urban Center. We’re asking for a $10 – 15 cash donation plus a donation of full-size and travel-size soap, shampoo and lotion. We’re planning to highlight songs from different holiday traditions as well as sharing our own originals. Peter and Mary and Eliza, Kjerstin and Lucy are great friends and musicians. I’m looking forward to sharing them with new people they may not have met yet.

Other shows I’ve got coming up are listed below, as well as some potential tour dates in the new year.  I’m looking to fill some dates in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado and the Pacific NW. As you know…it takes a whole community to keep artists doing what they do. I always appreciate info about house concerts, festivals, library series or other gigs. If you want to support me further, check out my presence on the Standing O Project. This innovative new “fair-trade music streaming” platform elevates community, placing value on collaboration not competition. I love that. You can find my profile here. You can tip me by scrolling down the page underneath my “7 Questions” and “Tour Dates – Coming Soon” it says “Tip this Artist.” That donation would go direct to me. Be sure to check out becoming a Fan Member. Your monthly donation would support a whole cadre of artists creating original music, as well as giving you access to lots of exclusive interviews and other wonderful stuff not available anywhere else on the internets. For example: I just posted my olive oil and maple granola recipe on my profile…😉

Some musical inspiration that has been feeding me lately:
“Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. That’s how the light gets in.” From “Anthem” RIP Leonard Cohen

“We who believe in freedom cannot rest, we who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes.” From “Ella’s Song” by Bernice Johnson Reagon

I wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you find some joy and peace. I still believe in those things too.

What’s coming up for me!
11/20 SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Poison Apple Medicine presents: Amber Ikeman(7pm)
 12/2 COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UT – Songwriting Workshop before December Local Concert Series IAMA concert (6-7pm; Free)
12/11 SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Guest Artist at Salt Lake Oasis (11am)
12/17 SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Music for the Holidays with Otter Creek Duo & The Three Muses at First Methodist Church (6:30pm doors;7pm; $10 – 15 donation plus hygiene products for Crossroads)
12/30 PARK CITY, UT – Mindy Dillard & the Salty Sweet at the Park City Brewery(5 – 7pm; Free)
1/6 COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UT – IAMA Local Concert Series w/Elizabeth Hareza, Scott Rogers & Alicia Stockman (7:30pm; $12/7 for IAMA members)
1/27 MURRAY, UT – Mindy Dillard at The Self Care Sanctuary (7pm; $15 in adv/$20 day of the show)
2/15 – 2/18 KANSAS CITY, MO – Folk Alliance International (I’m looking for house concerts, kids shows and eating disorder engagements in Kansas City and nearby.)
3/11 MANHATTAN, KS – OUR House Concert Series (I’ll be booking a tour from SLC through Colorado to Kansas. Do you know other people who’d be interested in concerts in Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming or Oklahoma?)Then the Pacific NW in April (Artichoke Music with Halelupe on 4/8 and a performance workshop) and then back to Salt Lake City by early May (Mother’s Day House Concert at Kris Thorne’s! 5/14 maybe with mom playing fiddle? And an upright bass player…hmm… I should check with them). I’m not sure about Texas in late May yet. I’m working to fill all the dates in. And some more stuff after that…Colorado in June. More all this…later…after Thanksgiving. 🙂

Posted on: November 19th, 2016

October 2016 Travelogue: We’ve Still Got Further to Go…😎

Well hello there, Everybody…
I hope you’ve been enjoying the fall. I’ve been wearing hoodies and sweaters and wool socks and kind of loving it. How do you transition to the cooler weather and to the darkness? I start out fighting it but once I’m in, I’m in all the way. Bring on the apple cider and the big fun Thanksgiving dinner…

And a lot has happened in the last month and a half! I presented at the NEDA conference in Chicago and then attended the FAR-West Folk Alliance conference. At the NEDA conference I met amazing professionals in the Eating Disorder treatment, awareness, activism and advocacy field. At the FAR-West folk alliance conference I surprised myself by getting really into the late night showcases. I met awesome new artists from the US and Canada and reconnected with many friends. Really the best part was the ladies lair….which included Karrie Pavish Anderson and Emily Anderson(no relation, Alaskan beauties!) and Amber Ikeman from Montana. And speaking of Amber… I am putting on the first Poison Apple Medicine presents house concert on November 20th in SLC. Amber will be our featured performer. She has a wonderful spirit and story to tell. The concert will be at my tiny house in Salt Lake City. RSVP to me by clicking here.

So, I had beautiful adventure with my sweetheart up to the top of Mt. Olympus on Saturday. We climbed up there to celebrate several bits of good news! That’s one of the tallest peaks in the Wasatch Mountain range…the mountains I see out the window to the East, everyday that I am home, in Salt Lake City! We could see the whole city sprawled out from our perch almost right at the top. After a fierce scramble up the rocks at the top that left our thighs and calves aching and burning, (Mine in fact, still are…) we lost the trail on the North summit and ended up finding our own version of the top, basking in a very private sunny spot on a comfortable rock couch…

On the way down the sun sank behind the other set of mountains to the West, the Oquirrhs….and it was marvelous! (That’s the picture at the top of this message.) This hike gave me some new perspectives about where I’m at with my music and my creative pursuits – and with life. Sometimes, I’ve been struggling to keep up with it all. I’ve got my Mindy Dillard Music, folk musician/singer-songwriter/musical alchemist; my Princess Fearless act, folk music superheroine for families; and Poison Apple Medicine, new production company that produces music & art events that promote awareness of eating disorders and addictions. I’m headed to the SW (UT, CO and NM) this weekend for two weeks of shows. Plus I’ve got pretty full roster of students here in SLC. It’s a lot to keep track of. I’m close to wanting to hire some help, actually. I am grateful that everything is growing! But the truth is that things are not quite where I want them to be yet.

What I realized though, 9000 ft up there, almost on top of Mt. Olympus, is that there will always be further to go! I want to be happy with where I am every step of the way, even when my thighs and calves are burning. It’s a strange season and I know that you all have your own version of feeling overwhelmed. My wish for all of us is that we can figure out something that is great about where we are now…and why it’s almost better to be looking at the top, than to be standing on it. Maybe where we are now is good enough and it’s ok if things don’t look perfect, ever. And we’ve still got further we want to go! Yes we do! But– that’s a joyful thing because life is for living and songs are for writing and art is for making…and we never ever wanna take the verbs out of our creativity.


PS – And ALSO, please save-the-date for Saturday, December 17th. Otter Creek Duo and I had so much fun joining forces for our Mother’s Day show in May we decided to do it again! We will be collaborating on this Winter Show celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah and the Winter Solstice. Peter and Mary are such fabulous people and musicians both! Please don’t miss this. More details on this event very soon…

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September Newsburst: Telling the Whole Truth 🔥

Hello Everyone,

Well, summer is ending…did that feel fast to you? The fall equinox is on September 22nd. It’s beginning to feel like fall here in Salt Lake City. We’re having cooler mornings and evenings and the leaves in the canyons are starting to change colors.

I returned to Salt Lake City two weeks ago after my ‘Finding Clarity’ Pacific Northwest tour and Idaho songwriting retreat. It was an intense trip with great moments. In Hillsboro, OR, I taught a performance workshop at Influence Music Hall. I met amazing people who took risks to become better performers. I was also honored to perform at two wonderful house concerts that were organized by first time hosts! You know you who are, thank you. ♡

After doing 8 events in 9 days in the Pacific NW, I landed in Stanley, ID on the Salmon River at the base of the Sawtooth Mountain Range. I was invited to take part in a group songwriting retreat at a remote lodge outside the town of Stanley. All 9 of us hunkered down for 5 days to work on our writing. The only programmed events were dinner (we took turns cooking) and an evening song circle. I made some rules for myself. I would write 5 songs while I was there. (They didn’t have to be good, just song starts.) I would also disconnect from my phone and the internet. I would not check email or texts the whole week. It felt very strange, but I succeeded in following my rules, in fact, I got 6 song starts. We’ll see what happens with those…I also got to see salmon spawning (so inspiring…thank you Tom!) and I hiked 11 miles to Sawtooth Lake one day with my friend Ed, hence the picture above. That picture is actually of Alpine Lake which we passed on the way to Sawtooth Lake. Sawtooth Lake is pictured up at the top of this e-mail behind the red plants!

Without the distraction of my e-mails and my loved ones….my shadows came into full view. I’m talking about the hard things from my past that I haven’t fully shared or explored through my writing. I love that Emily Dickinson quote, “Tell the truth, but tell it slant,” but I sometimes I think it’s necessary to tell the truth, un-slanted. Our world needs the truth from us now. Mary Gauthier, a songwriter I met in Texas at Kerrville said, “I want you to tell me the truth and I don’t want you to do it in metaphor, either.” I want to go deeper and write about the hard things that have happened to me. I don’t know if this writing will ever be anything I share, but I have to do it. What would it mean to tell the whole truth in your own life?

What’s coming up: 
Princess Fearless show with Craig playing upright bass at the Kings’ English, playing at the Escalante Canyons Arts Festival, Presenting at the NEDA conference in Chicago, a gig at the Two-Way Street Coffeehouse in Downers’ Grove (close to Chicago) and then a show on Saturday, October 8th back in SLC at the Acoustic Space with Elizabeth Hareza and Alicia Stockman. After that it’s off to FAR-West that strange and magical world where folk singers bare their truths until 4am in medium fancy hotel rooms…I’ll travel there and back with my good friend and colleague, Amber Ikeman. I’ll be doing house concerts in Bozeman and Bremerton, before and after the conference, respectively, as well as some kids library shows in Bozeman. More details available below and on my website at

I’m hoping to see you out there, soon. Tell more of the truth. I dare you.


PS – Here is a picture of Craig and I dipping our toes in the pink waters of the Great Salt Lake. We visited an insane, unearthly spot called “The Spiral Jetty” this weekend.
PPS – Did I find ‘clarity’ on my Pacific NW summer tour?…no, I found questions. But ‘finding clarity’ wasn’t really the point…

~ What’s coming up ~
9/17 – Princess Fearless at The King’s English Bookshop – Salt Lake City, UT
9/24 – Escalante Canyons Arts Festival – Escalante, UT
9/29 – 10/1 – NEDA Conference – Chicago, IL
9/30 – Two Way Street Coffee House – Downer’s Grove, IL
10/8 – The Acoustic Space with Elizabeth Hareza and Alicia Stockman – Salt Lake City, UT
Full details on my website under shows.
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Searching for Clarity⭐ August 2016 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,
Happy August.
I just got back from my first real backpacking trip in the High Uintas. We hiked 7 miles in to Amethyst Lake (pictured above) in the Amethyst Basin and then 7 miles out the next morning. It was wonderful, except for the mosquitos. Mosquitos love me. I had only one meltdown, as I sat in swarm of them in our tent trying to stuff my sleeping bag back into it’s teeny tiny stuff sack. I probably got 10 bites on my legs in just a couple of minutes. I stomped off in a huff and eventually Craig came over with the Deet and started spraying me with it. I hardly ever wear Deet, because of the adverse side effects I’ve heard about. And, it didn’t even seem to help. 🙁 But I loved the backpacking and I want to go again soon. We want to go even farther next time. Maybe this hike. So the mosquitos will not keep me away! If you are a mosquito magnet, how do you keep them from eating you up? Please, give me some suggestions…

Putting one foot in front of the other on a hike into the wilderness is a good thing to do when searching for clarity. I want more of that in my life. After having that mouth surgery last month, it took me awhile to recover and feel like myself again. I’m finally feeling better and like my mouth is almost totally healed. I’m grateful for wise hands of the endodontist. I’m also grateful to all of you for your supportive words. Thanks for the e-mails and facebook messages. And thanks to Jamie for the yellow heart-shaped letter that came in the mail. It was addressed to “Poison Apple Medicine.” That’s the name of my new organization. Finding it in my real mailbox was quite exciting and it made me happy. Without worry about my teeth dragging me down, I am now able to focus more of my attention back on writing, singing, touring and creating my body image arts, activism and advocacy organization.

I hope you’re able to find some clarity amidst all the wild, crazy and scary events going on in our world. Tell the truth as much as you can.

♥ Mindy

Upcoming Shows:
Sunday, August 7th
Guest Artist at Unity Salt Lake
Unity Spiritual Community of Salt Lake
1610 East 2100 South Salt Lake City, UT 84105
11amThursday, August 11th
Mindy Dillard at The High Note Cafe
225 N 5th St, Boise, ID 83702
7 – 9pm
Tips appreciatedFriday, August 12th
Mindy Dillard & Jim Nail + Friends
West Hills Friends Meetinghouse
7425 SW 52nd Ave, Portland, OR 97219
7pm doors; 7:30pm concert
$10 – 20 Donation at the door

Saturday, August 13th
Performance Workshop at Influence Music Hall
135 SE 3rd Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97123
For more info or the RSVP e-mail Skip at:
10am – 2pm
$20 (includes discounted price to evening concert)

Saturday, August 13th
Mindy Dillard in Concert at Influence Music Hall
135 SE 3rd Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97123
For more info or the RSVP e-mail Skip at:
7pm doors; 7:30pm concert
$10 – 20 Donation at the door ($5 for workshop participants)

Sunday, August 14th
Guest Musical Artist at a Joint Outdoor Worship Service
with Bethel UCC/Riverside UCC (United Church of Christ)
Eastport Marina Drive (Port Marina Picnic Shelter Park)
Hood River, OR

Sunday, August 14th
Hood River House Concert
Hood River, OR
RSVP to for address
6:30pm doors; 7pm concert
Donations welcome to support Mindy’s music

Wednesday, August 17th
Tall Timbers House Concert
Hoodsport, WA
RSVP to Lois at
or call 360-877-5862 for address and directions
5:30pm potluck; 7pm concert
$15 at the door

Thursday, August 18th
Olympia House Concert
Olympia, WA
Please inquire for more information.

Friday, August 19th
The MuseBird Cafe:”
with Jaspar LepakMindy Dillard and Tekla Waterfield
The Conway Muse (has a full bar and delicious menu!)
1844 Spruce St. Conway, WA 98238
Doors 6pm; Show at 7:30pm (Arrive early for favorite seating!)
$10 Cover

Another neat shot from Laurie Jan Bray 🙂 This my mom and I playing some songs at the Mother’s Day Concert I did here in Salt Lake City with Otter Creek Duo. Thanks again Laurie.
Coming Up…later…
9/2 – Park City Brewery – Park City, UT
9/17 – Princess Fearless at The King’s English Bookshop – Salt Lake City, UT
9/24 – Escalante Arts Festival – Escalante, UT
9/29 – 10/1 – NEDA Conference – Chicago, IL
9/30 – Two Way Street Coffee House – Downer’s Grove, IL
10/8 – The Acoustic Space with Elizabeth Hareza and Alicia Stockman – Salt Lake City, UT
Full details on my website under shows.


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July 2016 Newsletter: It’s all About Perspective⚡

‘Looking from Here’ Show with Jen Hajj, July 9th; Surgery; Poison Apple Medicine


Happy Independence Day Everyone,

The singing still continues, thank God! I met wonderful people in Flagstaff a couple of weeks ago where I sang at the Flagstaff Folk Festival. My venues were right on Route 66 and in front a big covered wagon in a giant barn. The ponderosas there are amazing as is the Sunset Crater that rises above the Bonito Campground where we stayed. Our campsite was surrounded by ponderosa pinesand covered in pumice! Coconino National Forest is definitely a hidden Southwestern jewel.

I’m doing a show with Jen Hajj  one week from today on July 9th at The Acoustic Space in downtown SLC. (Doors at 7pm; show at 7:30pm; Tickets: $10 online in advance or $15 at the door). We’ll have a cash bar featuring beers from local Utah breweries, so bring some cash. I am looking forward to sharing songs and stories with Jen and with all of you. Find our Facebook event here.

And then the next weekend (July 15th – 17th) I’ll be at the Wallsburg Music Festivalwhere I’ll get to don my feathered fedora to do my kids music act as Princess Fearless every day of the fest. I’ll also be emceeing with the talented Elizabeth Hareza. This festival is up in the Wasatch Mountains under Mt. Timpanogos. There’ll be great headliners, opportunities to jam and participate in song circles. It’s gonna be great! Then in August, I’ll be headed the Pacific NW for a few weeks of shows and a songwriter retreat…details are at the bottom of the e-mail.


On another note: I’m having oral surgery next Tuesday. Then I’m hoping to be able to declare independence from this issue with my teeth. It’s kind of a long story but the short version is that about 12 years ago I had invasive jaw surgery to correct a minor underbite. My reasons for having the surgery were skewed by the eating disorder I had at the time, I wanted to have a perfect body and a perfect face. The surgery messed with some nerve endings and couple of teeth died after the surgery. One of my root canals was done wrong, but not discovered until now through a wicked infection that showed up right after Kerrville. So, it has to be fixed. It’s an involved process that includes multiple visits to the office. That’s why next week I’ll be wincing at the novocaine shots once again and hoping that all goes well. I want this next visit to be the last one. The endodontist seems to know what he’s doing and I’ve calmed down about it significantly, but I’d still appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Please send them over to Salt Lake City next Tuesday at 11:30 am Mountain Time.

Queer feminist author Audre Lorde said “You become strong by doing the things you need to be strong for.”

It sucks when some issue from the past comes back to collect like this. But I’ve been trying to turn it around. I feel clearer now about my greater purpose. I want to make a difference not only by writing songs and sharing them, but also by working for eating disorder and addiction recovery, prevention and awareness as an advocate and activist. I am already doing this is some ways. But I want to do it in a bigger way, maybe by starting a non-profit. Though I don’t know exactly how to make that happen, I know what to call it: Poison Apple Medicine.  What do you think? I welcome your advice and feedback. I have never done this before. It feels daunting to start something like this, but I think I still want to do it. I’ll be presenting at the NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association ) conference in Chicago in late September. I’ll be teaching a creative writing workshop and facilitating an art installation. So I guess my first event is already booked.

I’ll tell you more about it all in August. Happy 4th of July! I hope you and your family have a joyful and relaxing holiday weekend. I’m heading up to the Cottonwood Canyons, singing for a beautiful spiritual community in Sugarhouse Park, maybe attending a parade, going to a bbq with friends and then watching fireworks. It’s going to be a good weekend.

May you find your strength by doing the things you need to be strong for.

♥ Mindy

PS – Craig and I went to the Grand Canyon on our way back to Salt Lake City from Flagstaff a couple of weeks ago. There’s not really a better place to remind us of the scale of life. Good call, Divine powers, for making these natural wonders that help us put things in perspective.


PPS – Thanks to Laurie Jan Bray for the cool black and white photo on top.

Upcoming Shows:

Sunday, July 3rd
Guest Artist at Unity Salt Lake
Unity Spiritual Community of Salt Lake
1610 East 2100 South Salt Lake City, UT 84105
11 am

Saturday, July 9th
Jen Hajj and Mindy Dillard in Concert: ‘Looking From Here’
The Acoustic Space
124 400 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
7pm doors; 7:30pm Show
$10 tix online in advance/$15 at door
Groups of 6 or more get $10 tickets at the door
Bring some cash for the bar!

Friday – Sunday, July 15th – 17th
Princess Fearless at The Wallsburg Music Festival
I’ll be doing my kids’ music show from 1 – 2pm on Friday; 2 – 3 pm on Saturday and 1 – 2 pm on Sunday. This sounds like a beautiful spot, 13 miles from Heber City and 23 miles up Provo Canyon. Only $15 per day! Plus opportunities to jam, perform and compete in a songwriting contest. Click here to learn more about the festival.
Wednesday, August 10th – Wednesday, August 31st
Pacific Northwest SummerTour
8/10 – Boise, ID – TBA
8/11 – TBA
8/12 – Portland, OR – West Hills Friends Meetinghouse w/Jim Nail – 7pm
8/13 – Hillsboro, OR – Influence Music Hall *Performance Workshop* 10 – 2pm; $20; E-mail Skip at
8/13 – Hillsboro, OR – Influence Music Hall Concert – 7:30 pm
8/14 – White Salmon, WA – Guest Artist at Bethel UCC
8/14 – Hood River, OR – House Concert
8/15 – Portland, OR
8/16 – Portland, OR
8/17 – Hoodsport, WA – Tall Timbers House Concert – 7:30pm
8/18 – Olympia, WA – TBA
8/19 – Conway, WA – The Conway Muse w/Jaspar Lepak
8/21 – 8/28 – Stanley, ID – Songwriting Retreat
Full details on my website under shows.

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