Capo 2; partial capo 4

I went back to Sugarhouse
The shutters chocolate brown
The gutters wrap around
The shingles come all the way down
I went back to Sugarhouse
It’s now a different shade
The shutters are still the same
The roll top roof has been replaced

Because everything gets replaced
We’re always changing places
I’m a grown up woman now
Sittin’ on brown grass by Sugarhouse

There was an apricot tree with golden leaves Dad raked up in the yard
Mom canned all those apricots into shining mason jars
I got dirty in the sandbox with imaginary friends
I miss all those leaves and magic I wanna go back there again
to the birthday parties on the deck my dad built with his hands
I want to remember more I wish I could understand why

I went back to Sugarhouse
there was no crepe paper or cake
there are no pictures left to take
because everything has changed
I went back to Sugarhouse
I snuck around the back
White picket fence is still intact
My memories are not exact

I don’t remember the time like I’d like
A photograph in good light
There’s tricycle there on lawn
Bet some new little girl lives in Sugarhouse

I went back to Sugarhouse saw it was just a place
A vessel from inside of which the memories were made
And I am older now I want a little girl
and I’m starting to understand
There’s going to be a Sugarhouse again
I’ll build it for her from my own memories – with my own two hands