Finally! My February Musical Travelogue… 🌌

Hello All,
How are you managing your world these days? I had to let go of this being a beginning of the month musical travelogue and embrace it being an end of the month one. Because sometimes it’s just like that. I started composing this message two weeks ago, but a lot has happened since then. Last weekend, I went to Folk Alliance in Kansas City for an immersive experience of connecting and music-making. This weekend we’ve moved into a new house! It’s right across the street from our old one. This meant that we and our band of helpers carried all our stuff via walking caravan to our new house…right across the street. This was hilarious but convenient…Does it feel to you like spring is coming? Even though a nip has been back in the air in SLC lately, today the sun came out and shone through all our new south facing windows for over an hour. It was wonderful! I recently found out I’m deficient in vitamin D and I think that that might be directly related to the amount of joy I feel.I played my first show at the Garage on Beck in North Salt Lake two weeks ago. See the picture Craig took at the top of this e-mail. Such fun night! So grateful to the community who showed up. Thanks. ♡

The Folk Alliance conference in Kansas City was a wild adventure. It was my first time at the huge international one. There were many late night showcases in hotel rooms (always a very funny but extremely magical thing), wonderful panels (Women in Music!) and many reunions. It all made me very tired but it was well worth it. And I got a cool shoutout in this No Depression article. Thanks Henry Carrigan! I met Henry on an early morning jaunt along the space age walkway between the hotel I was staying in and the main conference hotel. Sometimes it pays to talk to strangers…
Here’s some pictures taken by my lovely and exuberant friend Joseph Leavell at a few of my private showcases. My banjo Ursula is not pictured, but she was there too…

I’m traveling to Colorado and Kansas in couple of weeks for some shows and a house concert. After that I’ll be off to the Pacific NW in early April for a long weekend of shows (including a show with the inimitable Halelupe at the beloved Artichoke Music of Portland). For my most current tales from the road, follow me on Facebook (personal and music) and instagram. I love those mediums on tour. My performance schedule is below and on my website.

In April I’m getting married!! I’m thrilled to be marrying this unique and handsome man from Wisconsin. He plays the bass and makes kimchi among his many talents. He’s been joining me for more of my shows lately. If you come to one you might get to hear him or at least meet him.

There are a few other incredible events coming up in the next six months that I will look forward to sharing with you when the time is right. The timing of these things can be important. Wishing you all the best in your work and life. Stay connected, stay in touch, en(joy!)…


3/5 – SALT LAKE CITY – Mindy Dillard at Unity Salt Lake at 11am
3/9 LOVELAND, CO – Mindy Dillard at Loco Artisan Coffee House at 7pm
3/11 MANHATTAN, KS – Our HOUSE Concert Series at 7pm
3/12 MANHATTAN, KS – Unitarian Universalist Society of Manhattan at 10am
3/26 SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Mindy speaking/singing at Oasis Salt Lake  at 11am
4/6 HILLSBORO, OR – In-the-Round w/Dan Abrahamson at Influence Music Hall at 7pm
4/7 HILLSBORO, OR – Princess Fearless at WL Henry Elementary School
4/8 PORTLAND, OR – Mindy Dillard & Halelupe at Artichoke Music
4/9 PORTLAND, OR – Private House Concert
4/30 SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Mindy Dillard at The Garage on Beck
5/7 SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Mindy Dillard at Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living at 10 and 11:30am
5/13 SALT LAKE CITY, UT – FAMILY MUSIC CONCERT w/Princess Fearless (Sponsored by IAMA) at 10am
5/14 SALT LAKE CITY, UT – Mother’s Day House Concert at Kris Thorne’s. Directions: Please park in the LDS church lot at 1361 E 4000 S (northwest area) and follow the red Meet-up signs on the fence to the walkway that leads to CasaKris.
Concert at 3pm. $15 per person donation. Bring friends, family, kids…but no pets. 🙂
6/10 – 6/14 BOZEMAN, HELENA, MT – Princess Fearless Library Shows TBA
6/17 SALT LAKE CITY – Mindy Dillard, Bronwen Beecher and Tara Shupe present Father’s Day Concert at Holladay United Church of Christ
6/26 STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO – Princess Fearless at Bud Werner Memorial Library
6/27 STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO – Princess Fearless at Strings Music FestivalFamily Concert Series
6/28 STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO – Mindy Dillard speaks at The Foundry
Posted on: February 28th, 2017