House Concerts


Mindy is available to play in your living room, community center, church basement, etc. Her repertoire of original music work equally well in a house concert setting. House Concerts can be wonderful and intimate community events. At a house concert the focus is on the music and the community and not on selling alcohol.

STEP-BY-STEP Guide to House Concert Hosting (Mindy is happy to help with all this…) After you book Mindy (preferably 3 – 9 months in advance) the following steps can happen…

1. 1 – 2 months before the concert: You gather up a bunch of your friends that might like Mindy’s music (ideally 20 or more). You may send out invitations by e-mail or snail-mail. Asking for RSVPs is a good idea. It can be a potluck or not depending on your wishes.

2. 1 month before the concert: You and/or Mindy make a facebook event and invite all the friends in your area that you think might like Mindy’s music. You can also use all the other social media tools to get the word out.

3. 2 weeks before the concert: Send reminders on facebook and social media. Create a guest list with all the guests who’ve RSVPed.

4. 1 week before the concert: Decide where the concert will be. Depending on climate, the concert could be held outside or in. Almost any space will work for Mindy. Just don’t put her behind a cement pole. But in front of a fireplace? Sure. In a bay window? Sure.

5. 3 days before the concert: Finalize the guest list and purchase anything you’ll be providing to your guests (sparkling water, juice, wine, beer, mini-quiches, etc.). Make sure the space is ready to go. Decide what chairs you will be using for the concert. Sometimes people rent chairs and sometimes people use a wonderful amalgamation of armchairs, kitchen chairs and bar stools, etc.

6. Day of the Concert: Prepare the performance space and seating. Greet Mindy! She’ll arrive 1 – 4 hours before the concert and want to sound check in the space. Prepare food and/or space where guests will set items they’ve brought to potluck.

And then, sit back and enjoy the show…right in your own home, own backyard, own living room or church basement. Mindy often plays 1 longer set (45 minutes to an hour) followed by a break for visiting and refreshments and then one shorter set (half-hour to 45 minutes). This is all customizable according to your desires.


It’s good if Mindy clears $300 – 600+ per house concert after her expenses of getting to your area.

Every host works this a little different. Some hosts just ask for a donation, some give a suggested donation ($15 or 20). Some hosts guarantee the $300 to Mindy, put the donations towards it and then make up the difference. There are so many ways to do this…

To discuss any of this with a real live person please call: 801-641-4422

Thanks for reading. We hope you’ll consider hosting a house concert for Mindy or another touring artist. Thanks for supporting live original music. Lookin’ forward to talking with you!