About Mindy Dillard




“…A strong, clear voice with the phrasing of a soul and country singer. Dillard’s affecting lyrics conduct us into world’s not our own with haunting passion.” – Henry Carrigan, No Depression

Awards and Accolades:
2015 WINNER of the Susanne Millsaps Performing Songwriter Showcase (IAMA/Salt Lake City, UT)
2015 2ND PLACE in the Utah Old Time Fiddlers Banjo Competition (UOTF/Salt Lake City, UT)
2010 FINALIST in the Susanne Millsaps Performing Songwriter Showcase (IAMA/Salt Lake City, UT)

Longer Bio:

Mindy Dillard is a musical alchemist from the Wasatch Mountains. She plays clawhammer banjo and rhythm guitar, often in alternate tunings to accompany her electric and raw, crystal-clear voice. She is known for her own unique storytelling style which blends spoken word and song. Mindy has performed her one-woman revisionist fairy-tale folk rock opera based on Grimm’s fairytales and her own eating disorder recovery, internationally. In June 2015 she won the Susanne Millsaps performing songwriter competition in Salt Lake City, Utah (which is also her hometown). She opened for folk icon John Gorka at the 2015 Utah Arts Festival. Mindy’s musical influences include Joni Mitchell, Dar Williams and Stephen Sondheim. A genre bender, Mindy’s sound holds shades of old-time Appalachia, contemporary folk, gospel and musical theatre. Through her music she seeks to transform the ordinary into the magical and poison into medicine. www.mindydillard.com

Musical Alchemist: Transform or transmute the ineffable into healing stories.

Shorter Bio:
Mindy Dillard is a musical alchemist who accompanies her award-winning songs with modern twists on the clawhammer banjo and funky rhythmic grooves on the guitar. Known for her innovative storytelling, powerful stage presence and soaring voice, she was recently described a combination of Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos.
“One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Jungian Psychoanalyst; Poet



“Mindy Dillard is on fire! Her one-woman show How to Survive a Poison Apple is a blend of rare insight tempered by whimsy …and her burgeoning singer/songwriter career is captivating audiences and winning awards. Her secret weapon is a musical theater background which underpins a fearless and powerful performance.”- Lisa Lepine, Creative Consultant (Portland, OR)

“If Mindy Dillard keeps doing what she’s doing now, you are going to hear about her music. And you will be glad you did.” — John Gorka

“Mindy delivered a captivating performance that took us on an emotional ride from heart-gripping nostalgia to whimsical humor. She conveys her intelligent lyrics with a crystal clear voice and keeps you guessing about what style she is going to do next. Our attentive audience wants to hear more from this amazing songwriter!” – Norman Johnson, Coyle Concerts in the Woods (Coyle, WA)

“Mindy is breath of fresh air on stage! Graceful and poised with lyrics that cut straight to the heart.  She will make you laugh and cry and you’ll leave her performance with a genuine smile and feeling of goodness.”  – Ruthie Naccarato, Ricochet House Concerts (Salt Lake City, UT)

“Mindy Dillard’s music resonates with truth and heart and rockstar power!” – Art Yoga Cat (Santa Cruz Fringe Festival, CA)

She’s recently released her second full length feature album, How to Survive a Poison Apple, a folk rock song cycle and the soundtrack for her revisionist fairy tale one-woman show, which explores her journey to finding her own voice and healthy body image. She’s performed her show at festivals, conferences and eating disorder treatment centers since 2011, including the Santa Cruz and Vancouver (B.C) fringe festivals, and the iaedp (International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals) symposium.

Other Endorsements for Mindy Dillard:

“Mindy Dillard is a remarkable performance artist as well as a creative and brilliant songwriter. A beautiful lyrical soprano, she immediately captures her audience by taking the ordinary and turning it into the extraordinary. Her quirky, on-the-edge performance will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone.”- Richard Colombo, Owner of Artichoke Music (Portland, OR)

“Mindy is more than a musician. Her music/presentation/performance is exciting, delicious, intriguing, delightful. Her story words are unpredictable, her delivery keeps me glued and the pieces are consistently wonderful. I look forward to hearing and seeing more of Mindy Dillard.”   – Carol Newman, programmer, Coast Community Radio (Astoria, OR)

“I love that [Mindy] is presenting her material in a unique way, reeks of integrity and is so very cool.”- Andy Simon, Former owner and proprietor of Airplay Cafe (Portland, OR)