April Newsletter: Speeding across the Salt Flats

Hello Everyone,

Oh man, taxes and a crazy glitch with my website have got me in a state! Can anyone relate? When will this abate? ugh…
Oh there’s also moving…did I mention moving…? ugh…
But anyway enough of that.

It’s been a wild time,  packing up all CJ and I’s things into a shipping container and then driving across Nevada, and then unloading them in Utah and then, driving back across Nevada. You know, I’ve never stopped at the rest stop on the north side of I-80 on the Bonneville salt flats? I can’t believe that. It was amazing. And wow, Nevada is off-the-hook beautiful after it rains. It was as green as Ireland out there on our return trip to California.

Why did we come back to Cali you ask? Well, loose ends… finishing up some work, and some SHOWS!

This Saturday, April 16th, I’m playing the Lighted Window Concert Series in Campbell. Artists like Steve Seskin and Cris Williamson have played this series. I am very flattered to be included indeed.

On April 22nd (a week from Friday), I’m playing the inaugural concert at Glen Canyon Folk, a new house concert series in San Francisco. This is sure to be a fantastic evening!! I hope you can come. This will be my last show in the Bay for awhile. There is limited seating and we’d love to see you there! Please RSVP now to hold your space and receive the address: glencanyonfolk@gmail.om

AND I’m really looking forward to a special May 7th, Mother’s Day concert with Mary and Peter Danzig of Otter Creek Duo at Holladay United Church of Christ. Mary and Peter’s daughters, The Three Muses, will also perform! And my mom (Marilyn Dillard) local chair of the Salt Lake City Old Time Fiddlers will add tasty fiddle to couple of my tunes.

*PLUS* I’m doing creative coaching, songwriting and performance sessions over Skype. It works quite well. I’d love to help get to know your muse. Please e-mail me to discuss: mindydillardmusic@gmail.com

Yours in song,
♥ Mindy

Posted on: April 30th, 2016