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August Musical Travelogue: Baby Cyrus is Here

CYRUS (CY) WARREN DILLARD-ENGLAND was born like a thunderbolt on August 9th at 11:23am. It was a lightning fast labor and birth!

He’s named after his great great grandpa Cyrus Bell Dillard who was the patriarch of a family with 12 kids. They lived in the Ozarks in Arkansas. My grandpa Chet (my dad Chuck Dillard’s dad) was one of those kids. His middle name is Warren, that’s Craig’s middle name and his Craig’s dad’s middle name, and his Grandpa Warren’s first name. “Cyrus” means “far-sighted” and “Warren” means “protector.” So Cy is our “far-seeing protector.” I like to think of it as “protector of the future.”

He’s now 11 days old. Craig and I are enjoying getting to know him. All I want to do is stare at him all day. He looks at me with big eyes when I play music and sing. He knows my voice, banjo, guitar and ukulele from his time in the womb.  He loves eating, sleeping and pooping. I love it when he smiles wide when he’s asleep. He is wonderful!

I’ll write you in September with another musical travelogue. I’m looking forward to new musical adventures this fall. To see my fall shows check out my website at:

Enjoy the Eclipse!

Mindy, Craig and Cyrus

Posted on: August 15th, 2017