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February 2016 Newsletter: Pretty Wild Year
















Dear Creators and Innovators,

How are you weathering the cold, the rain, the snow? The shortness of light? More light is coming soon. I know it. Thanks to Marjie Brown for helping me feel like a snow queen when we took these snowy pics right before Christmas in Liberty Park in Salt Lake City.  Marjie Brown, you are a wonder! And thank you to Craig for keeping me warm.

I’m headed up to the Pacific NW next week for a string of shows. I’m looking forward to playing at Artichoke Music (with Kelly Bosworth, opening!) on Saturday, February 27th. It’s a special place brimming with incredibly talented people. I look forward to reconnecting with my Portland community while I’m in town. I’m also doing a show on the way up at Influence Music Hall in Hillsboro, OR on Thursday, February 18th. Looking forward to it all!

I took a quick trip back to LA this last week to record a couple of my newer songs (“Esmeralda” and “Sugarhouse”) with the incredibly wonderful producer/engineer human being, Ed Tree. When someone has a picture of a red rock landscape on their computer desktop that you immediately identify as Dead Horse Point, you know you’re kindred spirits. We had a great time laying congas and percussion (with the help of the great Ray Yslas) and a 1939 Gibson guitar onto the “Esmeralda” track.

I took the 101 on the way back, which was pretty spectacular! Unfortunately I was so driven to get back to the Bay Area by 5 pm that I didn’t stop to take any pictures! In my parent’s wise words, I had to “take pictures with my mind” instead.

It looks like it’s going it’ll be a pretty wild year with some major trips/tours/changes, such as:
– A relocation to Salt Lake City, Utah
– A SW tour to New Mexico, Colorado and Texas for the Kerrville Folk Festival in late May/early June
– An East Coast tour followed quickly with a Pacific Northwest tour in July/August
– Touring/traveling to Chicago for the NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association Conference) in late September/ early October.

I’m booking all these tours right now. I’d really appreciate your help. Let me know if you’ve got any thoughts about places I should play in those spots above. Places to stay are also helpful.

Dinner House Concerts:
Craig and I are doing Dinner House Concerts. They are so much fun! He’d love to cook for you and I’d love to play for you. We have different options and menus.
E-mail me to discuss.

Hope to see you soon!
Yours in song,
♥ Mindy

PS – Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you feel passion in your life, for yourself, for your creative pursuits and for your sweethearts.

PPS – Click here to watch a video of “Esmeralda” performed at WinterSongs in Cambria, CA. I had an amazing band which included Ed Tree on bass, John Roy Zat on fiddle and Derek O’Brien on drums.

Posted on: February 18th, 2016